Advanced Materials

We are working with a number of different advanced materials which are extensively used in different industries. The list is as follows:

1. All Variant of Graphene
2. Turbo-stratic Graphene (Nano scroll)
3. Reduced Graphene Oxide
4. Graphene Oxide
5. All Variant of Multiwall Carbon Nano Tube
6. Graphene Ink
7. Stable Graphene Dispersion in common solvent
8. Conductive [electrical & thermal management] Graphene Paint
9. Graphene Epoxy Nano Paint
10. Graphene reinforced Silicon Resin
11. Graphene Car Ceramic Coating /Car detailing
12. Solar Blocker anti-UV energy coating
13. Cement Plasticizer
14. Graphene based Yarn for Sports textile Industries
15. Anti-microbial ARMI Nano Spray
16. ARMI Nano Sanitizer
17. ARMI Descaler & Degreaser
18. Metallic Nano Particles
19. Graphene Mask
20. Anti-microbial for Textile Coating
21. Carbon Fabric (BD/UD) 200-400gsm
22. Master batch: Graphene reinforced polymers [PP/PC/LLDPE/PA6/PA66]

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