I. Advanced Lightweight Foam Materials 

We have developed a number of foams which can be for research and development of products. 

  1. Energy storage: Supercapacitors, Electrochemical energy storage, Thermal energy storage.
  2. Absorbents: Gas absorbents, Liquid absorbents (Wastewater treatment and removing the heavy metals from wastewater).
  3. Insulation: Acoustic Insulation, Thermal Insulation.
  4. Sensors : Humid sensors, Biosensors, Gas sensor, Pressure sensors, Strain sensors.
  1. Lightweight structure
  2. Mechanical damping
  3. Vibration control
  4. Acoustic absorption
  5. Energy management
  6. Artificial wood
  7. Thermal management
  8. Heat Exchangers
  1. Automotive Industry (Passive safety system)
  2. Aerospace Industry
  3. Space Industry
  4. Machine Industry: Reinforcement element, Mechanical damping, Vibrational control
  1. Electronic Package cooling
  2. Vehicle cooling systems
  3. Energy storage system
  1. Thermal management materials
  2. Sensors
  3. Energy storage devices
  4. Purification and absorption of materials
  1. Energy storage and Batteries
  2. Super capacitors
  3. Fuel Cells
  4. Sensors: Non-enzymatic glucose sensor
  5. Water splitting Application
II. Lightweight Specialty Thermoplastic Materials 

High performance engineering thermoplastic resins, compounds and composites, Copolymer materials, Specialty Resin Materials are available for the applications in the EV market segments are as follows:

  • Crash Protection
  • Corner support plates
  • Top cover
  • Modules
  • Electrical Enclosure & Frame
  • Module Brackets
  • Bottom Enclosure
  • Battery pack for Li-ION battery
  • Lead acid battery for Non Li-Ion housing
  • Ni-MH battery for Non Li-Ion housing
  • For EV battery protection
  • Display
  • Console & Connector
  • Fascia
  • Charge port cover
  • Frame
  • Connector and socket